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About the Program

1. What are the prerequisites for joining the team?

Swimmers must be at least 4 years old and not be afraid of the water. If a child wants to complete in a swim meet, they must be able to swim independently most of the 25 yards. Most new swimmers who are 6 and up can do this by the 2-3 week of practice.

2. My child can swim, but he doesn't know the strokes. Can we still participate?

Absolutely! The coaches work with all swimmers to improve their stroke technique and get more comfortable in the water over the course of the season. Many of our youngest swimmers join us as "dog paddlers". By the end of the season, many have improved their stroke technique substantially.

3. We are new to swim team.  What can I expect for my child?

We strive to make this program a very fun, family friendly team. We focus on having fun and improving their skills first and foremost.   We want the kids to enjoy the practice and learn how important is it to demonstrate good sportsmanship.  We celebrate the successes of the individual as well as the team as a whole.  We love to see the skill progression from early season practices to late season meets.

4. What are the volunteer requirements?

Swim Team is unlike other sports in that it takes a number of volunteers to run a swim meet. We look to the parents to help out with easy volunteer assignments at a few of the meets. All jobs require no special skills and give you, the parent, an opportunity to get to know your swim community and meet new friends. Help needed would include judging the meet, timing the events, assisting swimmers with lane/event line ups, etc. It's really no big deal! We have our volunteer opportunities listed under the “Volunteer Info” tab. Please review this info and see where you can help. We ask that each family register to work an assignment totaling for 3 points.  Points are based on the difficulty of the job we are asking you to perform, but the requirements typically would consist of volunteer participation in half of the Swim Meets.

About Practice

1. What days/times are the practices scheduled?

Practices are held from mid May until the last week in June.  Practices begin on May 11th after school and then move to morning practice after Memorial Day.  The full schedule can be accessed under the "Practices" tab.

2.  We aren't able to make it to every practice or meet due to family vacations or other commitments.  Can we still participate?

Yes!  Many of our families have other summer obligations and cannot make every practice or every meet.  We encourage you to come as often as you can because the kids learn a lot over the course of a few short weeks.  Remember....you will get out of it, what you put into it.

3.  Where are the practice/meet locations?

Practice we be held at the City of Milton pool on Dinsmore Road. (Prior Milton Country Club facility).  Meets are located either at our home pool or at other community pools in thelocal area.  Most are within a 20 min drive of our home pool.  

4.  What kind of equipment will my child need?

You will need to purchase a team suit and cap from our distributor.  The order form can be found under the "Team Store" tab on the website.  Your child may also want to have a pair of swim goggles and a towel.  No additional equipment will be needed for practice.  Kickboards will be provided for use during practice.

About Registration

1.  What are the registration fees?

Swim team registration fees are determined each swim season. Current season fees are listed on our Home page as is the Registration link.   For participants living outside the City of Milton there is an additional non-resident fee.   These registration fees are the team’s primary source of financial support.

Registration fees cover the following:

  • Coaches’ salaries
  • Milton Mustangs Liability Insurance
  • City of Milton Parks and Recreation Fee
  • Hy-Tek Meet Manager Software
  • Website 
  • Ribbons and Awards
  • Miscellaneous administrative expenses

The cost of the team swimsuit and other equipment (such as goggles, swim caps, etc.) is NOT included in the registration fees. These items must be purchased separately.

2. What is the ASA?

ASA stands for Atlanta Swim Association. It is a summer league swim association which includes numerous teams throughout the Metro Atlanta Area. We participate in their dual meet program where we swim competitive meets against other local swim clubs. ASA requires that each athlete pay a membership fee to join the association. ASA fees paid on our website go directly to ASA.

About Swim Meets

1.  Why is it important that swimmers attend meets?

Some swimmers participate in the sport solely for the benefit of physical activity. While we agree with this approach, we believe swimmers who practice but don’t compete are missing out on some of the best things about our sport. Here are three of the most important reasons why competition is important:

  • Meets provide swimmers with opportunities to learn more about swimming. Most coaches cover the fundamentals of swimming during practice, but there’s no better place to see how well a swimmer has learned than at a meet. Because an athlete is less likely to be concentrating on form in the midst of a race, it’s easy for a coach to see what aspects of proper stroke technique the swimmer has internalized, and what could use some additional work. Furthermore, there’s more to racing than diving in and swimming fast. Race strategy is something that can only be learned through the experience of competition.
  • Meets provide swimmers opportunities to learn more about sportsmanship. Competition is a part of life, and athletics can help teach young people lessons that will be invaluable later on. With the right guidance from parents and coaches, swimmers can learn how to be a good winner or a graceful loser. They can learn how to set goals and to do the hard work it takes to achieve them. In short, meets help build character.
  • Meets are fun. Despite the fact that they spend the majority of their practice time face down in the water, swimmers do make friends. Meets allow them the time to interact with peers and adults who share their interests. Meets also foster a sense of camaraderie and team spirit. But the bottom line is (and you can ask any swimmer) it’s just fun to swim fast!

  • 2.  What should my child eat before/during the swim meet?

    Most importantly, your child should stay hydrated.  Water is the best choice, but one sports drink should be fine.  NO SODAS!  At the meet, please make sure that meals aren't heavy or greasy.  Granola bars, power bars, berries, trail mix, PB&J sandwiches, etc are all good choices.

    3.  What if it rains or the weather looks questionable on meet or practice day?

    Please do not assume that a meet is cancelled because of rain! Please still plan to attend the meet. Many times the weather clears and allows us to proceed with plans. If your child does not show up to swim at a meet where they are scheduled to participate in a relay, it is impossible for the other 3 members of the relay team to compete. We are all counting on your swimmer to be there!......please don’t disappoint the other relay team members.

    Our official inclement weather policy is as follows:

    Meets: If weather is too severe to swim, the meets may be postponed or cancelled by agreement of the Team’s League Representatives. Meets are held rain or shine and only delayed or cancelled during thunderstorms. You will be contacted via email and updates will be posted on the Web site if a meet is cancelled.

    Practices: Practice is not canceled due to rain or impending rain. We follow our pool’s general rules regarding lightning and thunder. The presence of either requires that we vacate the pool and stay out for 30 minutes. Sometimes that can mean that a particular age group’s practice will be canceled or cut short, but other groups will not be affected. Your child’s safety is an utmost priority. As much as possible, we will communicate through email regarding weather-related issues. We will also update the home page of the website with bulletins as often as we can.

    We will make every effort to contact you via e-mail and/or website in the event a meet or practice is postponed or cancelled due to weather. 

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